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by Lilja

Hæ :D

My name Is Lilja, i am 14 going on 15 and i live in the north of Iceland.

Sailing is all i think about and all i am capable of talking about :P.

I compete on a Topper topaz with my co-pilot Fríða ( co-pilot sounds cruel....we are really good friends :D ).

I have competed on an Optimist and am planing to begin sailing Lazer 4.7 maybe next year or the year after that.

I have been sailing now for 5 years and i cant get enough of it!!!

My sailing club is called Nökkvi but was previously called Siglingafélag Akureyri.

We sail in one of the best fjords in Iceland and the wind mainly comes in from the north.
Hoped you liked my intro.


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Nov 26, 2009
by: Alex

Hi Lilja and welcome to the forums!

What kind of wind do you get up there? Is it Strong or Weak? Do you own your own boat?

I have sailed on a Topaz. They are great fun boats. Does it have a spinnaker or gennaker?

Nov 26, 2009
by: Pedro

Hi Lilja,

Nice of you to have joined. I was getting a little bored with just two of us talking together!

Awesome, your from Iceland! Is it really cold up there? I have never been, but whenever I think of it, I think of Ice Hotel and Geysers. Can you really sail there with all these bits of ice around?


Nov 26, 2009
by: Lilja

cool! :D do you already experienced sailing in a stormy weather?

Nov 26, 2009
So many questions!
by: Lilja

Hello again!

where do i start???? so many questions!
We get winds here from about 3m a second to around 10m a second on average. The most wind i have sailed in was about 20m a second but that is really rear. I only sail in the spring, summer and a very small part of the winter when there is no ice in the fjord...I have sailed in snow once...It was excellent! very very cold but excellent.I have just got a dry sute this year which helps a the winter it is to cold to sail in the north part of Iceland so we cant sail for 7 months of the year!! i dont know how i am going to survive it.They sail in Reykavík in the winter though because it is slightly warmer.We dont get big waves here witch is kind of annoying. My dream is to go somewhere hot and sail...

I misses some questions..

i don't know what its called but we have 1 main sail then a smaller one in the shape of i triangle and then another one that is like a big ripped plastic bag.

I have sailed in stormy was the best experience ever!


Nov 26, 2009
by: Alex

Hi Lilja

The triangular sail is called a gib or genoa and the big baggy sail is called a spinnaker or a gennaker:

Oct 02, 2015
its nice to see your profil
by: Anonymous

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