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Main Sail materials choice for Ranger 23 Tall Rig

by Harvey

My Ranger 23 Tall rig needs a new main sail. My concern is paying more for a sail that will ware out too fast and not help that much. I have a new 155 Carbon fiber Genoa.

The question is, should my new main sail be Carbon fiber to match my best Genoa? Or would the less expensive fabric sail be the choice. The carbon fiber even though more fragile, may stack easily on the boom limiting ware. But at the pricing difference would the money saved be better served allowing me to replace the less expensive fabric sail sooner to maintaining performance. I fun race but always seem to come in just behind those that have sail set up for weekly racing. (Yes it may be skill but I am hoping to up my game)

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Oct 01, 2009
An easy choice for me...
by: Han

Hi Harvey, didn't expect you so soon again, except to say thanks. Welcome.
From your first question I deducted you often sail in light weather. As you've already got a big carbon genoa, I would choose carbon for the main too; you'll have a high performance set and it looks better too, doesn't it?
On the other side, you don't sail high performance races, so you could choose dacron. I even sailed cotton rigs; they needed a lot of tender care, but could be sailed some 10-20 years, and dacron takes a lot longer to deteriorate.
As I wrote yesterday, your genoa is the main power in the rig, and if you succeed in buying a nice new dacron main, you'll be well off.
To consider still is the condition of your hull and if it will survive an expensive main.
As you see, it's still a matter of economics.
Wisdom to you,
Hope to hear from you,
Regards, Han.

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