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Pointing and Rig Setup

by Gilly

What should be the proper rig setup to get my boat to point?

If the rigging is too tight she points but losses boat speed and if its too slack she has boat speed but cannot point.

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Jun 09, 2009
Oh boy... or girl?
by: Han

Hello Gilly,
In principle all the answers to your question are to be found on this site.
By the way you describe your question I think you try frantically to steer to a point on the horizon even when that lies almost dead straight into the wind. You won't succeed that way; at one point or another you'll have to tack. Whichever tactics you choose, first thing needed is speed. To get speed you steer a bit downwind and slacken the sheets a bit; then try to steer a bit higher to the wind, but if you loose speed again, you know for sure that the downwind course is the right one. Then, when you have your point on the horizon some way behind square to your course, you tack and should be able to reach your point; if not, tack again.
You should also be aware of the fact that the wind itself changes course too, from time to time. So the most efficient course to steer when close hauled is dictated by the wind and is at it's best a bit of a drunk's straight line.
If you have more questions or if I misunderstood this one, please contact us again.
Pleasant sailing,

Sep 18, 2015
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