Racing Trimaran

A Racing Trimaran, like the Challenger, can be great fun for people who have never raced before in trimarans or for people who have raced in other boats, but never in a trimaran.

On the Welsh Harp, trimarans go with the Lasers and in strong winds reach very fast speeds, which can be a great thrill for the participant as they will be both in the lead and getting a huge adrenaline rush from the speed.

In low winds, however they are not the best choice as the small sail area, causes the boat to go very slowly and also the three hulls create a drag that needs to be overcome by a certain amount of wind.

At first trimarans can seem daunting to race, because it is such a completely different experience to sail than other boats you might be used to.

Sitting down instead of moving your weight all over the boat is one thing most people find unnatural and have to get used to.

Other things such as having all the controls in easy reach and not having to duck under the boom as well as tacking being slow unless you have enough speed are all things that must be gotten used to in order to sail a trimaran well.

It can also be difficult to detect where the wind is as without a gib there are no tell tales or any signs that you are too close to the wind.

So if you are considering racing trimarans then you should make sure you are sailing in a windy area, because not enough wind could spoil your experience and you will be unable to catch up and really race against the rest of the fleet.

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