Sailing Hat

I use a sailing hat, because as you may have noticed by some of the pictures of me around this site, I have quite long hair.

Whilst sailing, you do not want hair flying in your face all the time.

It will drive you crazy!

For me, this is my most important sailing clothing.

My hat is just like one of those bob hats that you see people wearing in the winter.

It holds my hair down and I can concentrate on sailing instead of brushing it out of my eyes.

This is my bobble hat:

My sailing hat

This is of particular interest to women with long hair.

Instead of knotting it in a bun (where it is all exposed to the wind and can become loose), you can get a hat that will protect the bun from the harsh elements.

Sea water is also not very good for hair, so protecting it will enable you to have nice healthy clean hair!

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