Sailing Jackets

Sailing Jackets are for those people who wear wetsuits or t-shirts and want to protect themselves from the water splashes that occur when the boat hits waves in strong winds.

This is for the upper body only (no backside protection) and so is only useful as a splash proof piece of clothing that you can wear over a t-shirt.

It also has lots of pockets that you can stuff some loose change for the club bar as well, which can be good, especially when wetsuits and dry suits don't have them.

Well you could put it inside your wetsuit or dry suit, but it might fall out (in the case of a wetsuit) or it might be hard to get at (in the case of a dry suit).

It is very comfortable and is completely waterproof and is ideal for hot weather when you don't fancy wearing a dry suit. it is also useful for non sailing applications like when driving a powerboat or doing anyother watersports activity when the splashes are common, but it is too hot to wear a dry suit.

I wear mine usually in the spring and summer, but will then where only t-shirts and shorts in July and August as it is too much fun not to!

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