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Sailing to France

by Gary Spencer

My name is Gary, I have just come across your website while looking for more information on sailing, this is by far the most informative site I have found. Is it ok if I ask you a few questions?

I would really like to learn more about the sport of sailing, I have had some experience. My grandmother served in the navy and she has taken me afloat once or twice.

Sadly she has recently passed away, it is a sad time. In memory of her I would like to sail to France at the end of summer after honing my skills in the coming months. What boat would you recommend I would start in? I noticed you particularly enjoy the GP14, would this be suitable? Would you recommend that I invest in some coaching? Also what precautions should I take regarding safety?

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Jun 25, 2012
Good Luck!
by: Alex

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your kind words about my site and my sincerest condolences for your grandmother.

What you are planning to do is a brilliant idea especially in light of her naval experience. Before doing anything, I would definitely go to your local sailing centre and talk to them about your plan. I have never done such a long journey before in a dinghy, so I cannot help you there.

There was a plan at one point at my club to sail from Dover to Calais in GP14s, but there was to much hassle with paperwork and safety.

Depending on your dinghy sailing experience, I don't thing a dinghy is the right vehicle for the voyage and think a more capable small yacht would be better.

I don't think anyone would be able to take this journey without a lot of coaching and it is going to take time to accumulate the experience.

I wish you the best of luck!

Best regards,
Alex Dotsch

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