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Sculling single-oared.

by Han
(Brittany, France)

A Modern Coracle

A Modern Coracle

At the end of my article on the corrach, which was meant to be the first part in a series about historical sailing, I promised to come back later in history; but first I'll have to fill in an omission.

The corrach, I found out while researching for these series, is a rather revolutionary development of the coracle, because the hull has a nice shiplike shape and it can be sailed square-rigged and rowed with two or four oars.
The coracle however is a primitive round-, oval- or square-shaped basket, made watertight like the corrach with greased leather. It is built to be manned by one fisherman only, who propels it with a single short oar or paddle. He does this one-handed, because in the other hand he holds his side of the fishing-net; the other side is held by his partner, who sculls his own coracle.

As this series is meant to make you curious and the articles have to be short, I'll give you sites to get more information; I've singled them out because they give you the best information; on the coracle:

For our English readers: when on vacation in Shropshire or Wales, go and visit a coracle-race, you'll see how single-oared sculling is done in a coracle.

A modern application of single-oared sculling is used by duck-hunters: see:

A futher example of single-oared sculling is provided by the late-mediaeval Venetian gondola, described in

And, last but not least, a scientific practice-trial about Japanese/Chinese yuloh-technique, (single-oar sculling):

Till later, Han.

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May 13, 2016
Impressive Article NEW
by: Sam Kkc

Thanks for share this with us,i just amazed to read this impressive article,thanks for share this with us.Thanks for share this with us.

Nov 12, 2015
Sculling single NEW
by: Anonymous

This post on coracle and sculling has set my curiosity of doing such things to a whole new level. I have read the historical importance of sculling and how it originated from buy custom essay online which is quite fascinating. I would like to go sculling one day and see if the single oar stunt would be as thrilling as mentioned here.

Nov 03, 2015
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by: Anonymous I was looking for this information to share with your friends

Apr 22, 2011
Yuloh (Chinese skulling-oar)
by: Han

Hi Old Tom,

At the moment I'm rather busy with some visitors, coming sunday I've got more time. In the meanwhile I found for you; the part "China" gives a nice description of the sampan yuloh construction which can probably help you on. Please let me know if you want more details.



Apr 20, 2011
Jon boat single oar.
by: Old Tom

I'm adapting a trailer hitch ball to the transom
of a 14' aluminum jon boat for the sampan oar
(with the rope). I need to get some ideas on
oar design and the geometry involved in mounting
the oar and line. Any ideas?

Oct 05, 2010
Once again: the gondola
by: Han

I dug up images of manoeuvring Venetian gondola's and put them on SailTube.

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