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Still Scared Of Runs!

by Jacqui
(Sussex, UK)

I used to sail at the Harp years I live down on the Sussex coast and love the sailing here!

I sail a Byte, and I STILL get scared when on a fast run, especially in choppy winds, I sit right back, but it still reels about a bit. Any ideas??


Hi Jacqui,

Nice to find another person from the Harp who can use a computer! Onto your question on how to stop runs being so choppy, I always find that if you keep the centerboard down a little (maybe a quarter to one half), the movements stop quite alot.

Also, always go on a training run, rather than a dead run , because you never know when the wind will change and you will gybe. Being on a training run will mean you will go with the waves a little more and it should be less choppy.

If you feel so scared about going on a run, why not just stay on broad reaches? They are more fun as they are faster and you get much more of a thrill!

Best regards,

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