- Whatever Floats Your Boat. is being revealed to the public after months in the works

Since early June, I have been neglecting StartedSailing, in order to build something that isn't readily available on the internet at the moment: a dedicated dinghy sailing social network.

It has been a long and hard journey, but I have completed my own personal private beta of the site and now need some volunteers who are eager to get their hands on this new site, to help check everything works.

talkSail will allow you like anyother social network to have friends, post to your activity feed, join/create groups , partake in discussions and have a multimedia album. However, unlike other social networks, you will also be able to maintain your own personal blog, much like Han has been doing on this site.

More features will become available when the site comes out of beta, but if you want to just have a look or are interested in becoming a beta tester, check it out! - whatever Floats Your Boat.

If you are interested in beta testing, please Contact Me.

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