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Whats the Windiest you have been in?

by Alex

Today, I went out and I was immediately hit my enormous amounts of air particles rushing from high pressure to low pressure. We know this as wind. I wasn't sure how much but it sure felt like alot!

When actually sailing the most wind I have been in was a Force 6 in Corfu. That was a great fun time and I was planing from one end to the other at high speed with my entire body out the back of the boat trying to keep control.

When not sailing, I was in a Force 7 in Croatia when I was on my neighbours yacht, which was attached to a buoy. We were asked to move by the Harbour Master as the buoy was held down by only 1 tonne (500kg in water). We had to use the motor to go downwind to a safe anchorage. It was an incredible and frightening experience. We had to set up an anchor watch for the night just in case. There were only two of us on board!

So what about the rest of you? Anyone been in a storm?

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Nov 26, 2009
in the US
by: Pedro

In Miami we get Force 4 mostly, but sometimes a little more. This fine for me and my buddy to cruise around in. The windiest I have ever been in was probably a Force 5, when we capsized more times than I try to remember!

Nov 26, 2009
by: Alex

That must have been fun! I actually really like capsizing in warm weather. You get to have a nice bath and shower at the same time!

Nov 26, 2009
i have!
by: savvyeyty

I don't know what was its level of Force but the wind's definitely on 70 to 80 kilometers! That's no joke. Its normal here sometimes to be windy and cloudy and so we still sail. We didn't know there going to be a storm by mid afternoon at that day. We we're warned late. But you know what? Its actually a great feeling. Ha ha ha. Good thing we are on a lake. So what we just did was follow where the wind was going. We thought we'll reach land eventually since its a lake and that's what we did. :mrgreen: It was a nice experience but scary. Ha ha.

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