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What's the worst thing about Sailing?

by Alex
(London, UK)

Well, thats a very difficult question to answer. I would say that the very worst thing about sailing dinghies is the fact that when I hike out of the boat, my body starts to slide down the boat!

This is a pet hate of mine, but for me there is nothing better than sailing!

Everyone should love sailing, but so now and then you must get a little itch or problem that you just wish didn't exist.

For you, what is the worst thing about sailing?

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Nov 26, 2009
i think
by: Pedro

I have to say the worst thing about sailing is that when there is no wind and I am in my high performance dinghy! All I can do is sit around instead of planing around with the gennaker up!

Nov 26, 2009
I agree!
by: Alex

Hi Pedro,

I'll have to agree with that 100%. It is so boring just waiting around for the wind. I was in Poole a few weeks ago at an open meeting and we ended up going to the beach, because we couldn't stand the idea of bobbing around.

Nov 26, 2009
well for me...
by: Tonette

its the weather! i had experience a stormy seas together with my dad.. and i puke the whole time..

Nov 26, 2009
Worst thing
by: savvyeyty

about sailing for me is when you are about to dock and daydream all of a sudden... Damn... The last time it happened to me, I got some bruise and scratches all over my boat since I crashed into the dock. Tough luck huh? Well that's me.

Nov 26, 2009
i think...
by: Motzart

I have joined my friend in sailing and the worst thing about it is the bad weather. Actually, it was my first time and I realized that you wouldn't enjoy sailing when it rains. However, I am still interested to sail after the incident. I wonder, could we tell the weather when we sail?

Nov 26, 2009
by: savvyeyty

That's odd, for me at least. You see, I'm a person who really loves rainy days. I don't know why, but it really makes me happy whenever there's water pouring out of the clouds and touching me. I really like it specially when I'm sailing.

Nov 26, 2009
by: Alex


@ Mozart: I am planning to write a page, where you will literally be able to read the weather from your sailboat. Stay tuned!

@ Savvyeyty: I also very much enjoy sailing in bad weather, I think it is great fun! Especially when the waves give off spray. I have even sailed in hail!

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