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Which way to point the Boat?

by Anonymous

I get confused as to which way to point the boat when the wind is blowing from a different direction. Is there a safe rule to go by? Also what is the safest way to gybe? With or against the wind?


I think you should check out the How to Sail page and scroll down to the Points of Sail part, where there is a handy diagram showing, which points of sail you are on when the wind comes from a certain direction. Then you can check out the appropriate link on that same page and find out what you want to find out.

The safest way to gybe is to go on a dead run and then grab the boom and slowly pull it across. This is especially useful in stronger winds. At the same time move your body weight up to what will be windward when you complete the gybe as the boat tends to heel alot.

Gybing is always done when your stern is facing the wind. Tacking is done when your bow is facing the wind. Click here for more information on Gybing.

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