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Why is the triangular course mentioned to be basic?

by The Black Knight
(The Ocean)

Why does your website say that a triangular course is the most basic course? I do believe that it is infact a windward lured course, simply upwind, round the mark, and back to leeward(sometimes through a gate). This course is almost always sailed in the Olympics and other major sailing events.

Hi Black Knight

In your question you described the triangular course to be upwind, round the mark, downwind and then upwind again.

Does that not sound basic to you (you even say it is simple in your question)? I have done course with incredibly difficult to remember buoy numbers (almost as if they have been jumbled up and chosen at random with no regard for wind direction or ease).

The most common course that I have done is the hour glass, which is upwind, reach, downwind, reach and then upwind. This is also my favourite course since it incorporates all the points of sail.

So in answer to your question, the triangular course is very basic (just because it is used in the olympic doesn't mean it isn't basic - the race track in the running races is simply a big oval!) and there are far more complicated one out there.

Thank you for your interesting question!

Best Regards

Alex Dotsch

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