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What is the reason for the different color sails?

by Renee
(Hattiesburg, MS)

What is the reason for the different color sails do they represent something or is it just a preference in design and color? Are they normally bright or dull colors? What type of material are they made from? Do you have to keep the sail clean, what happens if you do not clean your sail? I am new to this forum and am trying to find information on the sail specifically.

Thanks, Renee

Hi Renee,

Different coloured sails can be used for distinction in team racing, when boats are teamed together under for example blue sails against red sails or they can just be for aesthetics.

Normally, sails are either transparent or white. They can be any colour in the rainbow by simply using different dyes. I have seen all sorts of colours in my time.

Sails used to be made from fabric, but are now made from out of a form of plastic. Click here to learn more about Sail Fabric.

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